Online Irish Secondary School Classes

Online Irish Secondary School Classes

French and Spanish language classes for teenagers Westport Mayo

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1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Students





Our online Irish classes for secondary school students are aimed at all students currently enrolled in the junior cycle. With 1st and 2nd year students our online Irish courses help build each individual students confidence in Spanish and in the development of listening, speaking and reading skills.

For 3rd year students we focus on junior cert exam preparation. All 3rd year students who study online with us will gain additional expertise with reading, writing and comprehension skills. Also included is extensive examination prep as we analyse past junior cert Irish papers.

French and Spanish language courses for teenagers Westport Mayo
French and Spanish language courses for junior cert cycle students Westport Mayo
French and Spanish language courses for leaving cert cycle students Westport Mayo

Benefits of our online Irish classes

  • As students can learn from the comfort of their own home, it will allow them to learn in a more relaxed environment.
  • Online learning gives more flexibility for both pupils and parents.
  • For parents, there is no more sitting in traffic rushing to get their child to their class.
  • Plus online learning, is much more economical as their are no fuel costs or parking charges to contend with.
  • Meet the Tutor

    alana cutliffe

    Alana is a PhD Researcher at University College Cork. She is an experienced teacher and a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland.

    Alana is a Cambridge-qualified, English as a Foreign Language Teacher and currently teaches Irish, French and Maths online. She has taught in Ireland, England and Spain. She has taught students ranging from six years of age to adulthood and has prepared students for both Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate exams.

    Alana has also obtained Grade Eight Clarinet from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

    Feedback from students (especially exam students) has been wholly positive. Alana also has experience teaching students with dyslexia and those with short-term memory processing .